Bayer Crop Science

Bayer A.G. acquires Monsanto in 2018

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Change IP address scheme for 30,000 dynamic and 15,000 static devices. Lead team of 225 people to complete work stream in 7 months.

Change MPLS provider and site tiering for 300+ sites. Lay foundation for change to SD-WAN technology

Deploy 60 Checkpoint firewalls and 40 ACLs to global Production Plants. NetFlow analysis, hardware, and rulebase implementation.

Deploy datacenter architecture in NA and push new configuration to global user endpoints.

1) Cross-deploy SSIDs in key office at deal close. 2) Deploy Bayer SSIDs into Monsanto sites. 3) Remove Monsanto SSIDs.

Replacement of EOL network gear and begin moving to deploy Bayer standards.

User consolidation of global sites. 75 sites and counting.

Migration to Bayer CUCM.  170 sites and counting.

Deployment of datacenter infrastructure in NA. Migration of 40 global tunnels.

Deploy new proxies in NA and global push to user endpoints.

Migrate network operations to 3rd party vendor.

Established Infrastructure dashboard, global leadership reporting. and lead weekly workstream meeting.

Transformational change

M & A requires flexibility and openness to dramatic change on tight timelines. It takes a unique personality and approach to lead a successful integration.