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I wanted to call out Stephen’s leadership, planning and foresight on the ReIP program. I have received a lot of positive feedback on 

  1. The planning and execution of the March ReIP workshop
  2. The site master execution 
  3. Seamless onboarding process of the REIP PMs.
  4. The leadership level reporting that Stephen has incorporated on the Teams site the network infrastructure team has created.

Stephen’s  planning  and execution style  have definitely not gone unnoticed and leadership including global post-merger integration owner, global site infrastructure services lead and network infrastructure work stream lead* have express a high level of confidence in the plan he and the team have put forward.

Delivery on ReIP has been going exceptionally well. Appreciate the timely escalation, the constant heads ups that he provides. I think the biggest kudos to Stephen is that neither I nor leadership is ever surprised on a program as big as ReIP because of the feedback loop that he has set up.  

I personally want to thank Stephen as well for listening, taking input and translating it to action in no time. I appreciate a Program Manager of his caliber on the team.

I hope the others on the team  take cues from Stephen on delivering a great plan.  – N.T. Infrastructure Integration Program Manager

*names redacted

Hi Stephen – I wanted to thank you for the excellent workshop that you organized to help progress the efforts of Re-IP. Your leadership in getting such diverse stakeholders to the table, organizing the topics, planning each session to the last detail was evident. It is due to this effort that all the world region leads of Re-IP left with a high level of confidence in their execution plans.

The workshop was a success and lot of that credit goes to you for managing it through. Well done!  -G.A. Global Site Infrastructure Services Lead